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Nov 2020  89
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対象雑誌:N Engl J Med, Lancet, Lancet Oncol, JAMA, JAMA Intern Med, JAMA Oncol, BMJ, Ann Intern Med, J Clin Oncol, Ann Oncol, Eur J Cancer, Br J Cancer, Cancer



【N Engl J Med. 2020;382(10-22)】
1. 地域在住高齢者対象の転倒予防の複合介入のクラスター無作為化比較試験
Bhasin S, Gill TM, Reuben DB, Latham NK, Ganz DA, Greene EJ, et al. A Randomized Trial of a Multifactorial Strategy to Prevent Serious Fall Injuries. N Engl J Med. 2020;383(2):129-40. [PMID: 32640131]

【Lancet. 2020;395(10239-10242), 396(10243-10250)】
2. オピオイド離脱症候群の治療の総説
Srivastava AB, Mariani JJ, Levin FR. New directions in the treatment of opioid withdrawal. Lancet. 2020;395(10241):1938-48. [PMID: 32563380]

【Lancet Oncol.2020;21(6-8)】
3. がん終末期の過活動型せん妄に対するハロペリドール、クロルプロマジンの無作為化比較試験
Hui D, De La Rosa A, Wilson A, Nguyen T, Wu J, Delgado-Guay M, et al. Neuroleptic strategies for terminal agitation in patients with cancer and delirium at an acute palliative care unit: a single-centre, double-blind, parallel-group, randomised trial. Lancet Oncol. 2020;21(7):989-98. [PMID: 32479786]

【JAMA. 2020;323(21-24), 324(1-8)】
4. 米国成人の心理的苦痛と孤独感の2018年と2020年4月の比較(短報)
McGinty EE, Presskreischer R, Han H, Barry CL. Psychological Distress and Loneliness Reported by US Adults in 2018 and April 2020. JAMA. 2020;324(1):93-4. [PMID: 32492088]
5. Covid-19関連の持続的な症状(短報)
Carfi A, Bernabei R, Landi F, Gemelli Against C-P-ACSG. Persistent Symptoms in Patients After Acute COVID-19. JAMA. 2020;324(6):603-5. [PMID: 32644129]
6. 認知症高齢者に対する向精神薬とオピオイド鎮痛薬処方の米国の実態調査(短報)
Maust DT, Strominger J, Bynum JPW, Langa KM, Gerlach LB, Zivin K, et al. Prevalence of Psychotropic and Opioid Prescription Fills Among Community-Dwelling Older Adults With Dementia in the US. JAMA. 2020;324(7):706-8. [PMID: 32808997]
7. 米国で提供されるオピオイド使用障害の治療プログラムの評価(短報)
Beetham T, Saloner B, Gaye M, Wakeman SE, Frank RG, Barnett ML. Therapies Offered at Residential Addiction Treatment Programs in the United States. JAMA. 2020;324(8):804-6. [PMID: 32840587]

【JAMA Intern Med. 2020;6(6-8)】
8. 高齢入院患者の5年生存・ICU死亡と4年生存・自宅死亡の希望のトレード・オフ(短報)
Rubin EB, Buehler A, Halpern SD. Seriously Ill Patients' Willingness to Trade Survival Time to Avoid High Treatment Intensity at the End of Life. JAMA Intern Med. 2020;180(6):907-9. [PMID: 32250436]
9. ナーシング・ホーム長期在住高齢者に対するアドバンス・ケア・プランニングのビデオ介入のクラスター無作為化比較試験
Mitchell SL, Volandes AE, Gutman R, Gozalo PL, Ogarek JA, Loomer L, et al. Advance Care Planning Video Intervention Among Long-Stay Nursing Home Residents: A Pragmatic Cluster Randomized Clinical Trial. JAMA Intern Med. 2020;180(8):1070-8. [PMID: 32628258]

【JAMA Oncol. 2020;180(6-8)】
10. がん関連の悪心・嘔吐に対するオランザピンの無作為化比較試験
Navari RM, Pywell CM, Le-Rademacher JG, White P, Dodge AB, Albany C, et al. Olanzapine for the Treatment of Advanced Cancer-Related Chronic Nausea and/or Vomiting: A Randomized Pilot Trial. JAMA Oncol. 2020;6(6):895-9. [PMID: 32379269]
11. 若年成人での電子タバコの発がんリスク
Parsons HM, Jewett PI, Sadak K, Turcotte LM, Vogel RI, Blaes AH. e-Cigarette Use Among Young Adult Cancer Survivors Relative to the US Population. JAMA Oncol. 2020;6(6):923-6. [PMID: 32271357]
12. 非小細胞肺がん患者での精神科疾患既往とがん治療や予後との関連
Berchuck JE, Meyer CS, Zhang N, Berchuck CM, Trivedi NN, Cohen B, et al. Association of Mental Health Treatment With Outcomes for US Veterans Diagnosed With Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer. JAMA Oncol. 2020;6(7):1055-62. [PMID: 32496507]
13. 米国のがんサバイバーのオピオイド関連死の2006〜2016年の推移(短報)
Chino F, Kamal A, Chino J. Incidence of Opioid-Associated Deaths in Cancer Survivors in the United States, 2006-2016: A Population Study of the Opioid Epidemic. JAMA Oncol. 2020;6(7):1100-2. [PMID: 32379275]
14. 米国のオピオイド鎮痛薬処方管理システムとオピオイド処方の関連(短報)
Graetz I, Yarbrough CR, Hu X, Howard DH. Association of Mandatory-Access Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs With Opioid Prescriptions Among Medicare Patients Treated by a Medical or Hematologic Oncologist. JAMA Oncol. 2020;6(7):1102-3. [PMID: 32379277]
15. がん患者への高額な薬剤処方とナッジ(促し)による行動経済学的介入との関連(短報)
Takvorian SU, Ladage VP, Wileyto EP, Mace DS, Beidas RS, Shulman LN, et al. Association of Behavioral Nudges With High-Value Evidence-Based Prescribing in Oncology. JAMA Oncol. 2020;6(7):1104-6. [PMID: 32352478]
16. 米国のホスピスでの緩和的な放射線療法と化学療法の2011〜2018年の推移(短報)
Hsu SH, Wang SY. Trends in Provision of Palliative Radiotherapy and Chemotherapy Among Hospices in the United States, 2011-2018. JAMA Oncol. 2020;6(7):1106-8. [PMID: 32352492]
17. 小児がんの成人サバイバーでの運動不耐と心理的苦痛、社会参加、QOLとの関連
Hayek S, Brinkman TM, Plana JC, Joshi VM, Leupker RV, Durand JB, et al. Association of Exercise Intolerance With Emotional Distress, Attainment of Social Roles, and Health-Related Quality of Life Among Adult Survivors of Childhood Cancer. JAMA Oncol. 2020;6(8):1194-202. [PMID: 32584369]
18. 進行がん患者に対する緩和的化学療法のビデオ教育介入の無作為化比較試験
Enzinger AC, Uno H, McCleary N, Frank E, Sanoff H, Van Loon K, et al. Effectiveness of a Multimedia Educational Intervention to Improve Understanding of the Risks and Benefits of Palliative Chemotherapy in Patients With Advanced Cancer: A Randomized Clinical Trial. JAMA Oncol. 2020;6(8):1265-70. [PMID: 32672806]
19. 米国の腫瘍医と総合診療医のオピオイド処方の2013〜2017年の変化
Agarwal A, Roberts A, Dusetzina SB, Royce TJ. Changes in Opioid Prescribing Patterns Among Generalists and Oncologists for Medicare Part D Beneficiaries From 2013 to 2017. JAMA Oncol. 2020;6(8):1271-4. [PMID: 32469405]
20. 米国のNCI指定のがん拠点病院と非拠点病院での早期緩和ケアの統合の状況(短報)
Hui D, De La Rosa A, Bruera E. State of Integration of Palliative Care at National Cancer Institute-Designated and Nondesignated Cancer Centers. JAMA Oncol. 2020;6(8):1292-5. [PMID: 32614444]
21. 米国でのがん治療中の駐車料金の経済的負担(短報)
Lee A, Shah K, Chino F. Assessment of Parking Fees at National Cancer Institute-Designated Cancer Treatment Centers. JAMA Oncol. 2020;6(8):1295-7. [PMID: 32672809]
Panagiotou OA, Hogg LH, Hricak H, Khleif SN, Levy MA, Magnus D, et al. Clinical Application of Computational Methods in Precision Oncology: A Review. JAMA Oncol. 2020;6(8):1282-6. [PMID: 32407443]

【BMJ. 2020;368(8248-8257)】
23. 最小重要差MIDの算出方法の妥当性検証方法
Devji T, Carrasco-Labra A, Qasim A, Phillips M, Johnston BC, Devasenapathy N, et al. Evaluating the credibility of anchor based estimates of minimal important differences for patient reported outcomes: instrument development and reliability study. BMJ. 2020;369:m1714. [PMID: 32499297]
24. 非がん終末期患者での緩和ケア提供と終末期医療の関連
Quinn KL, Stukel T, Stall NM, Huang A, Isenberg S, Tanuseputro P, et al. Association between palliative care and healthcare outcomes among adults with terminal non-cancer illness: population based matched cohort study. BMJ. 2020;370:m2257. [PMID: 32631907]

【Ann Intern Med. 2020;173(11-12), 174(1-4)】

【J Clin Oncol. 2020;18038(16-23)】
25. 早期乳がん患者の内分泌療法と化学内分泌療法での認知機能障害の比較
Wagner LI, Gray RJ, Sparano JA, Whelan TJ, Garcia SF, Yanez B, et al. Patient-Reported Cognitive Impairment Among Women With Early Breast Cancer Randomly Assigned to Endocrine Therapy Alone Versus Chemoendocrine Therapy: Results From TAILORx. J Clin Oncol. 2020;38(17):1875-86. [PMID: 32271671]
26. 小児がん長期サバイバーの低身長のリスク因子
Demoor-Goldschmidt C, Allodji RS, Journy N, Rubino C, Zrafi WS, Debiche G, et al. Risk Factors for Small Adult Height in Childhood Cancer Survivors. J Clin Oncol. 2020;38(16):1785-96. [PMID: 32196392]
27. 乳がん関連リンパ浮腫の総説
McLaughlin SA, Brunelle CL, Taghian A. Breast Cancer-Related Lymphedema: Risk Factors, Screening, Management, and the Impact of Locoregional Treatment. J Clin Oncol. 2020;38(20):2341-50. [PMID: 32442064]
28. がん悪液質のASCOガイドライン
Huillard O, Seban R, Goldwasser F. Management of Cancer Cachexia: ASCO Guideline-Time to Address the Elephant in the Room. J Clin Oncol. 2020:JCO2001670. [PMID: 32946354]
29. 高齢がん患者の過小治療と過剰治療の定義のレビュー
DuMontier C, Loh KP, Bain PA, Silliman RA, Hshieh T, Abel GA, et al. Defining Undertreatment and Overtreatment in Older Adults With Cancer: A Scoping Literature Review. J Clin Oncol. 2020;38(22):2558-69. [PMID: 32250717]
30. がん治療に関連した制吐薬使用のASCOガイドラインの更新
Hesketh PJ, Kris MG, Basch E, Bohlke K, Barbour SY, Clark-Snow RA, et al. Antiemetics: ASCO Guideline Update. J Clin Oncol. 2020;38(24):2782-97. [PMID: 32658626]

【Ann Oncol. 2020;31(6-8)】
31. がん関連倦怠感のESMO臨床診療ガイドライン
Fabi A, Bhargava R, Fatigoni S, Guglielmo M, Horneber M, Roila F, et al. Cancer-related fatigue: ESMO Clinical Practice Guidelines for diagnosis and treatment. Ann Oncol. 2020. [PMID: 32173483]
32. 早期乳がんの化学療法でのG-CSFの予防投与の無作為化比較試験
Clemons M, Fergusson D, Simos D, Mates M, Robinson A, Califaretti N, et al. A multicentre, randomised trial comparing schedules of G-CSF (filgrastim) administration for primary prophylaxis of chemotherapy-induced febrile neutropenia in early stage breast cancer. Ann Oncol. 2020;31(7):951-7. [PMID: 32325257]

【Eur J Cancer. 2020;132-135】
33. 脳転移患者での血栓塞栓症リスクのPICOSスコアの開発
Wolpert F, Berghoff AS, Grossenbacher B, Lareida A, Lob R, Roth P, et al. Venous thromboembolic events in patients with brain metastases: the PICOS score. Eur J Cancer. 2020;134:75-85. [PMID: 32473541]
34. 免疫チェックポイント阻害薬治療長期サバイバーの心代謝とQOL
Patrinely JR, Jr., Young AC, Quach H, Williams GR, Ye F, Fan R, et al. Survivorship in immune therapy: Assessing toxicities, body composition and health-related quality of life among long-term survivors treated with antibodies to programmed death-1 receptor and its ligand. Eur J Cancer. 2020;135:211-20. [PMID: 32599411]

【Br J Cancer. 2020;122(12), 123(1-4)】

【Cancer. 2020;126(11-16)】
35. 子宮がん放射線治療後の骨盤骨折と骨密度の変化
Salcedo MP, Sood AK, Jhingran A, Eifel PJ, Klopp AH, Iyer RB, et al. Pelvic fractures and changes in bone mineral density after radiotherapy for cervical, endometrial, and vaginal cancer: A prospective study of 239 women. Cancer. 2020;126(11):2607-13.[PMID: 32125711]
36. 同種造血幹細胞移植を受けた患者の意思決定の後悔とQOL
Cusatis RN, Tecca HR, D'Souza A, Shaw BE, Flynn KE. Prevalence of decisional regret among patients who underwent allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplantation and associations with quality of life and clinical outcomes. Cancer. 2020;126(11):2679-86.[PMID: 32154926]
37. トランスジェンダーでのがん発症とニード
Boehmer U, Gereige J, Winter M, Ozonoff A, Scout N. Transgender individuals' cancer survivorship: Results of a cross-sectional study. Cancer. 2020;126(12):2829-36.[PMID: 32134515]
38. 進行がん患者のQOLの関連要因
Daly LE, Dolan RD, Power DG, Ni Bhuachalla E, Sim W, Cushen SJ, et al. Determinants of quality of life in patients with incurable cancer. Cancer. 2020;126(12):2872-82.[PMID: 32267548]
39. 乳がん診断前後5年間の病気・障碍者就業保障給付:スウェーデンの縦断研究
Chen L, Alexanderson KAE. Trajectories of sickness absence and disability pension in the 2 years before and 3 years after breast cancer diagnosis: A Swedish longitudinal population-based cohort study. Cancer. 2020;126(12):2883-91. [PMID: 32154917]
40. ネイティブ・ハワイ人がん患者の経済的困難
Li C, Narcisse MR, McElfish PA. Medical financial hardship reported by Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander cancer survivors compared with non-Hispanic whites. Cancer. 2020;126(12):2900-14. [PMID: 32196129]
41. 小児がん長期サバイバーの痛みと痛みによる障害
Karlson CW, Alberts NM, Liu W, Brinkman TM, Annett RD, Mulrooney DA, et al. Longitudinal pain and pain interference in long-term survivors of childhood cancer: A report from the Childhood Cancer Survivor Study. Cancer. 2020;126(12):2915-23. [PMID: 32227649]
42. 予定外入院をした根治可能・不可能がん患者の症状と緩和ケアコンサルテーション
Newcomb RA, Nipp RD, Waldman LP, Greer JA, Lage DE, Hochberg EP, et al. Symptom burden in patients with cancer who are experiencing unplanned hospitalization. Cancer. 2020;126(12):2924-33. [PMID: 32167594]
43. 補完代替療法相談の医師教育マニュアルの開発
Witt CM, Helmer SM, Schofield P, Wastell M, Canella C, Thomae AV, et al. Training oncology physicians to advise their patients on complementary and integrative medicine: An implementation study for a manual-guided consultation. Cancer. 2020;126(13):3031-41. [PMID: 32286693]
44. 不眠を有するがん患者の認知機能に対する鍼治療と認知行動療法の無作為化比較試験
Liou KT, Root JC, Garland SN, Green J, Li Y, Li QS, et al. Effects of acupuncture versus cognitive behavioral therapy on cognitive function in cancer survivors with insomnia: A secondary analysis of a randomized clinical trial. Cancer. 2020;126(13):3042-52. [PMID: 32320061]
45. 早期乳がんでの化学療法の有害事象の患者評価と医療者評価の一致
Nyrop KA, Deal AM, Reeve BB, Basch E, Chen YT, Park JH, et al. Congruence of patient- and clinician-reported toxicity in women receiving chemotherapy for early breast cancer. Cancer. 2020;126(13):3084-93. [PMID:32315091]
46. 小児がん長期サバイバーの死因
Horn SR, Stoltzfus KC, Mackley HB, Lehrer EJ, Zhou S, Dandekar SC, et al. Long-term causes of death among pediatric patients with cancer. Cancer. 2020;126(13):3102-13. [PMID: 32298481]
47. 転移性乳がん患者の陰性感情と脳代謝の関連
Reis JC, Travado L, Antoni MH, Oliveira FPM, Almeida SD, Almeida P, et al. Negative affect and stress-related brain metabolism in patients with metastatic breast cancer. Cancer. 2020;126(13):3122-31. [PMID: 32286691]
48. 乳がん患者のPTSDのレビュー
Brown LC, Murphy AR, Lalonde CS, Subhedar PD, Miller AH, Stevens JS. Posttraumatic stress disorder and breast cancer: Risk factors and the role of inflammation and endocrine function. Cancer. 2020;126(14):3181-91. [PMID: 32374431]
49. 去勢抵抗性前立腺癌患者の骨関連イベントと死因と人種の関連
Patel DN, Howard LE, De Hoedt AM, Amling CL, Aronson WJ, Cooperberg MR, et al. Race does not predict skeletal-related events and all-cause mortality in men with castration-resistant prostate cancer. Cancer. 2020;126(14):3274-80. [PMID: 32374476]
50. 中国人がんサバイバーの経済的困難
Su M, Lao J, Zhang N, Wang J, Anderson RT, Sun X, et al. Financial hardship in Chinese cancer survivors. Cancer. 2020;126(14):3312-21. [PMID: 32396242]
51. 小児がん患者の親の離婚や家族計画への影響
Mader L, Hargreave M, Frederiksen LE, Bidstrup PE, Dalton SO, Kjaer SK, et al. The impact of childhood cancer on parental separation, divorce, and family planning in Denmark. Cancer. 2020;126(14):3330-40. [PMID: 32449155]
52. 小児脳腫瘍患者の症状の軌跡
Lai JS, Beaumont JL, Kupst MJ, Peipert JD, Cella D, Fisher AP, et al. Symptom burden trajectories experienced by patients with brain tumors. Cancer. 2020;126(14):3341-51. [PMID: 32374469]
53. 遺族からみた小児がんの終末期の質の高いケア
Johnston EE, Molina J, Martinez I, Dionne-Odom JN, Currie ER, Crowl T, et al. Bereaved parents' views on end-of-life care for children with cancer: Quality marker implications. Cancer. 2020;126(14):3352-9. [PMID: 32383817]
54. 卵巣・子宮がん患者のがん関連倦怠感の縦断調査
Poort H, de Rooij BH, Uno H, Weng S, Ezendam NPM, van de Poll-Franse L, et al. Patterns and predictors of cancer-related fatigue in ovarian and endometrial cancers: 1-year longitudinal study. Cancer. 2020;126(15):3526-33. [PMID: 32436610]
55. 治療の意思決定での患者の選好と優先順位付けのコミュニケーションに関する患者・医療者調査
Williams CP, Miller-Sonet E, Nipp RD, Kamal AH, Love S, Rocque GB. Importance of quality-of-life priorities and preferences surrounding treatment decision making in patients with cancer and oncology clinicians. Cancer. 2020;126(15):3534-41. [PMID: 32426870]
56. 強力な化学療法の対象とならなかった急性骨髄性白血病患者での白血病QOL評価尺度FACT-Leuの妥当性
Peipert JD, Yount SE, Efficace F, Loefgren C, Pierson R, He J, et al. Validation of the Functional Assessment of Cancer Therapy-Leukemia instrument in patients with acute myeloid leukemia who are not candidates for intensive therapy. Cancer. 2020;126(15):3542-51. [PMID: 32463931]
57. 放射線療法によるがん患者の帯状疱疹リスク
Shimizuguchi T, Sekiya N, Hara K, Taguchi A, Nakajima Y, Miyake Y, et al. Radiation therapy and the risk of herpes zoster in patients with cancer. Cancer. 2020;126(15):3552-9. [PMID: 32412661]
58. 進行がん患者と家族に対するホスピスのビデオ教育のRCT
El-Jawahri A, Traeger L, Greer JA, Vanbenschoten O, Markovitz N, Cashavelly B, et al. Randomized trial of a hospice video educational tool for patients with advanced cancer and their caregivers. Cancer. 2020;126(15):3569-78. [PMID: 32508043]
59. AYA世代がんサバイバーの長期的な予後
Berkman AM, Livingston JA, Merriman K, Hildebrandt M, Wang J, Dibaj S, et al. Long-term survival among 5-year survivors of adolescent and young adult cancer. Cancer. 2020;126(16):3708-18. [PMID: 32484922]
60. 進行がん患者の短縮版QOL評価尺度FACT-G7の妥当性検証
Mah K, Swami N, Le LW, Chow R, Hannon BL, Rodin G, et al. Validation of the 7-item Functional Assessment of Cancer Therapy-General (FACT-G7) as a short measure of quality of life in patients with advanced cancer. Cancer. 2020;126(16):3750-7. [PMID: 32459377]
61. 壮年期がんサバイバーの精神健康
Ji X, Cummings JR, Gilleland Marchak J, Han X, Mertens AC. Mental health among nonelderly adult cancer survivors: A national estimate. Cancer. 2020;126(16):3768-76. [PMID: 32538481]
62. ユーラシア11か国の小児がんを診療する医師の早期緩和ケアに関する認識
Ehrlich BS, Movsisyan N, Batmunkh T, Kumirova E, Borisevich MV, Kirgizov K, et al. A multicountry assessment in Eurasia: Alignment of physician perspectives on palliative care integration in pediatric oncology with World Health Organization guidelines. Cancer. 2020;126(16):3777-87. [PMID: 32530519]