Japanese Society for Palliative Medicine
News Letter No.29
Nov 2005  29
Journal Watch
聖隷三方原病院ホスピス  森田 達也

Reviews, recommendations, meta-analyses, randomized controlled trials, and large surveys
Vokurka S, Byst?icka E, Koza V, et al. The comparative effects of povidone-iodine and normal saline mouthwashes on oral mucositis in paitents after high-dose chemotherapy and APBSCT-results of a randomized multicentre study. Support Care Cancer. 2005; 13(7):554-558.
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Grosset AB, Roberts MS, Woodson ME, et al. Comparative efficacy of oral extended-release hydromorphone and immediate-release hydromorphone in patients with persistent moderate to severe pain: two randomized controlled trials. J Pain Symptom Manage. 2005; 29(6):584-594.
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From Japan
Chujo M, Mikami I, Takashima S, Saeki T, Ohsumi S, Aogi K, Okamura H. A feasibility study of psychosocial group intervention for breast cancer patients with first recurrence. Support Care Cancer. 2005; 13(7):503-514.
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